615 People in 36 Days: Giveback100 Impact After 36 Days & J3A Update

We have been amazed at how much positive impact we have been able to contribute to the amazing people of Latin America through our Giveback100.

After 36 days, we have reached a point where we are all really struggling financially to be able to keep up our Giveback100, and have had to pause the Project.

This saddens us that we have had to pause it now, but at the same time, we are grateful and happy that we managed to make 36 days, because it is better than nothing.

We are proud of our impact

Now, Just Three Amigos are currently apart.

Jimbo is in Panama working in Bambuda Lodge Hostel. He will be there for a while, so if you are in town give him a shout and you can get a personal account of our journey so far.

Byron is currently in New York, as he and Damo will be working at Camp Winaukee in New Hampshire this summer. Damo is currently in San Jose Costa Rica whilst he waits for his visa to come through and then will be heading to Boston.

Just Three Amigos will be on hold for the time being, but we are super proud of what we have achieved thus far.

powerpoint graphic.png

If you look at the graphics, we have reached a large number of people, most of who have been under privileged, which is something that we have tried to maintain.

177 hours- You can give more than money!

After 36 day, 615 people is huge, and we have loved helping local businesses (35) & official schools (12) to really make an impact.

It has taken up 177 hours of our time, which just shows what time you can give to others to help them out if you really focus on something.  We never had much money to give in the first place, but there were still running costs of the Giveback100 which we cannot sustain right now.

We left each other in Costa Rica. Reunion Pending….

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us, everyone who has helped us find give back opportunities and all of the people who we have helped.


We hope we have made a difference!


Right now, Just Three Amigos will be blogging and vlogging about their life away from each other, and away from the Giveback project so stay tuned to our YouTube Channel and our other Social Media Pages where you can see what we are up to


Be prepared for some motivation, innovation & fun as we look to tackle our next project…


Adios Amigos…

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Byron, Damon & James

Just Three Amigos

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