Just 2 Amigos Painting: Giveback100 Day 35

Day 35 of our Giveback 100 was the first day where 3 Amigos became 2 Amigos.


Jimbo has departed J3A for the time being by going to volunteer in a hostel for a few weeks in Panama. If you are in Bocos del Torro, then go and visit him at Bambuda Lodge Hostel!!

Damo and Byron were back at it as Just 2 Amigos. We were back at our od stomping ground in San Jose today- with the Duran Family.

The Duran family have been so kind to us allowing us to stay with them (again) after not having anywhere to stay whilst we need to wait in San Jose. It is yet another INCREDIBLE act of kindness that people are giving to us here in Costa Rica and we are SO GRATEFUL.

Luis Duran has an on-going project to improve his house and garden, and we contributed to this in our time here previously by laying some turf and varnishing pallets for some plant pots he wanted on the garden wall. It is great to see that this has developed further and he now has the plant pots on the wall!

Painters ‘R’ Us

As such giving people, we offered to volunteer with anything else that was in his pipeline for his on-going project. Luckily he had just started painting the interior of the house, so this was a great opportunity to volunteer our painting skills! It is an on-going project that Luis has here, so we will be volunteering our time and skills whenever he needs it whilst we are in San Jose. It is minor compared to what he has given us and as we said we are so grateful and humbled by their amazing kindness!

2 Amigos with Luis


If anyone has any ideas on how we can give back and volunteer in different ways then please get in touch with us on Social Media as we want to help as many communities as possible and inspire many more people to GIVEBACK!!!




Byron, Damon & James

Just Three Amigos

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With the Durans earlier during our time in Costa Rica