Amigos to Librarians: Giveback100 Day 31

Day 31 saw us giveback to Lifting Hands again as they needed some extra work in their library!We worked with Lifting Hands on Day 30 of our Giveback, and we were excited that they asked us back to volunteer again today to help them out.


Lifting Hands is a great facility for the children, but the organisation of the library has not been a priority for some time now! The library is a great asset for this centre, the children have a lot of resources in there to help them learn and develop. With learning being so close to our values at J3A, we were enthusiastic to tackle this library and make some sort of sense out of it.

We managed to organise the books to make all of the relevant books together, from English to cartoons to art books. It was quite a struggle to work out which label meant what as it was in abbreviated Spanish, however we figured it out in the end!


With some distractions from some of the kids who we were asking us to play some football, we managed to get through the library within a few hours and make the kids’ wishes come true and hit the football pitch! The library is now a lot more organised than before and hopefully they can maintain this so the kids really benefit from it.

We managed to get out on the pitch for a few matches of basketball and football with the kids again before we had to hit the road. It was great to see the kids again and with such a big smile on their face. It is a shame that we cannot hang around for longer to be able to make more of an impact on these children’s lives- they are such legends!! They have nothing, but they are happy and grateful for what they have! We just hope Lifting Hands continue to serve this community and help as many people as possible.


We loved to volunteer with Lifting Hands- Thank You.




If anyone has any ideas on how we can give back and volunteer in different ways then please get in touch with us on Social Media as we want to help as many communities as possible and inspire many more people to GIVEBACK!!!




Byron, Damon & James

Just Three Amigos

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