CEPIA Promotional Video: Giveback 100 Day 29

This week we launched our latest promotional video which was for the AMAZING organisation in Guanacaste; CEPIA.


We worked with CEPIA for one whole week to volunteer and we just knew we had to make the a video. This volunteering herei n Costa Rica was part of our Giveback 100 Project and was brilliant as we did a lot of activities. Check out the YouTube Videos of us giving back to CEPIA here.

We dedicated a lot of time to film, edit and publish the video we made and we are really proud of it and we hope that we can provide value for CEPIA through this video.


It was great to give back to CEPIA something that is more of a longer term impact. As we are travelling through the regions and moving on pretty quickly, we are giving back to some communities for only one or a few days, but a video is a great way to give back long term as they can use this for as long as they like- they have already posted it on their Facebook Page!


CEPIA were really pleased with our video, which makes us really please and encourages us to do more giving through our Giveback 100 Project.



You can see the video here on our YouTube Channel!




If anyone has any ideas on how we can give back in different ways then please get in touch with us on Social Media as we want to help as many communities as possible and inspire many more people to GIVEBACK!!!

Gracias CEPIA, Adios.