J3A Charm More Locals- Giveback 100 Day 25 and 26

We were back on the road again heading to the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose.

We did not have much planned here apart from one Giveback, but we knew we would find some amazing opportunities.

Manual Work (unboxing toilet rolls)


Luckily, one of our friends in Guatemala had put us in touch with an amazing family who have since become great friends!

The Duran family offered to host us for a few days because Betty Duran worked with underprivlieged children every day in the capital.

Jimbo gazing!

She offered to take us to her work whilst in San Jose and give us the opportunity to giveback and help these children.

It was a great day at the children centre which has been running for over 20 years now. It does amazing work and we were gutted we could not spend more time there! We were able to giveback in numerous ways, with some manual handling (they must have waited for some big strong guys!) and helping play some games with the kids including a tense game of musical chairs!!!

We love the energy from the kids!

As part of our Giveback and gratitude to the Duran family, we decided to give time and effort and make them a British dinner on day 26!

The Duran’s hadn’t had a British meal before!

We spent all day deciding what to cook, because not of the ingredients of a Sunday Roast is available in San Jose! Gravy is nowhere!!

We headed down to the market to get some fresh ingredients, which is a pain when there is 3 of you (!!), and we made a lovely dinner for everyone in the evening.

We made a lovely chicken and potato mixed meal with some vegetables- Just Like Home!

Betty, her brother Luis and cousin Emilia were super impressed with our cooking skills and they were super grateful.

J3A & El Durans



If anyone has any ideas on how we can give back and volunteer in different ways then please get in touch with us on Social Media as we want to help as many communities as possible and inspire many more people to GIVEBACK!!!




Byron, Damon & James

Just Three Amigos

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