Hospitality in Costa Rica! Giveback 100 Day 23 & 24

After the hectic week at CEPIA, we were planning on being back on the road with no Giveback planned! However, remember this is a time to thrive and seek the opportunities that you need and not decide to quit!!!

We had a found a cheap place to stay whilst volunteering at CEPIA, and funnily enough this led to our next opportunity.

The Boys & Oscar

The landlady had a restaurant nearby on Brasilito beach. The restaurant had a beautiful sea-view overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with some of the freshest fish in Costa Rica. As we were living in her house we got chatty with her, in Spanish which was good to improve our Spanish, and she often invited us to eat at her restaurant.

We turned it down because we thought it would be too expensive- and it was! However, this didn’t stop us volunteering to help her out at the weekend.  We offered to give our time during busy periods and she welcomed it.


We spent time there on Saturday and Sunday, helping to serve some food, take orders and gave some of the workers a little bit of a break. We had some experience in this field from London, so it was easy for us to slot in and help out. We were also able to use our muscles and help clear away and set up the chairs and tables in the evening and morning respectively.

This was a great giveback for us, we really enjoyed helping our landlady, and especially as she gave us a really cheap deal because of the work we were doing for CEPIA. It was also really great to help the employees of the hostel, especially Oscar who was a great guy from Nicaragua.


They are on their feet all day serving a lot of tourists who expect the greatest service possible, so it was nice to give them a rest.

If anyone has any ideas on how we can give back and volunteer in different ways then please get in touch with us on Social Media as we want to help as many communities as possible and inspire many more people to GIVEBACK!!!




Byron, Damon & James

Just Three Amigos

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